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Korean Animal Protection Society

Oakland, California
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Since 1989, KAPES Founder Kyenan Kum has visited Moran Market to document the many animal rights violations perpetrated by its dog meat industry.  During her many visits, she has witnessed traders transport and store dogs and cats in cramped cages without food, water, or necessary medical care.  She witnessed market workers rope dogs by the neck and fling them out of the back of their truck to be butchered.  She saw market workers slaughter, electrocute, and boil these animals.

Soon abuses like these will end.  As part of a new city plan to be completed by 2014, the temporary market is going to be shut down, and new market buildings and an apartment complex will be developed.  Though the new development includes an indoor shopping complex, city officials have deemed that dog meat trade will not be allowed in the new facilities.  This is good news for animal lovers and activists worldwide, because the closing of the temporary market marks the end of a dog meat industry giant, and the beginning of a new era.

While the Sungnam’s government has taken the official position that dog meat trade will not be allowed in the new buildings, KAPES’ worries aren’t over yet.  Dog meat traders in the permanent storefronts are organizing to reestablish their trade in the planned development, but KAPES is working closely with Sungnam city officials to stave off their demands.  Local government officials have begun talks with the Moran Market Association head and the dog meat shop owners in an attempt to persuade them against further dog meat trade. They also encouraged dog meat shop owners to begin planning for a future without the dog meat industry.

In addition to working with government officials on the new market plan, KAPES has made a concerted effort to educate Sungnam residents about animal rights and protection.  KAPES is distributing pamphlets to local apartment complexes and district offices about the revised animal protection law and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Call Center.

KAPES sees the closure of Moran Market as symbol of the changing mentality about the dog meat trade.  They are hopeful this is the beginning of the end for the dog meat industry!

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