Indigo Mountain Nature Center

Lake George, Colorado
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Indigo Mountain Nature Center (IMNC) provides a permanent home and sanctuary for captive-born wild animals who have been abandoned, abused or displaced; this includes “surplus” animals from roadside zoos or backyard breeders and those rescued from “canned hunts” or exotic wildlife auctions, found roaming the streets, or relinquished to authorities.

At IMNC the animals are loved, respected, and well provided for. The way they are housed is an important aspect of their well-being. The goal is to provide large enclosures where they can wander and live as close to a wild existence as possible.  Animals at many zoos become hostile or neurotic due to the unnatural environment of a cage; that is why exhibit design is of the utmost importance at IMNC. Not only is the happiness and well being of the animals a major concern, but it is also important that visitors to Indigo Mountain have a positive personal experience with the wildlife at the facility. The sight of a caged animal does not always engender respect. At Indigo Mountain, the exhibits or enclosures are one of the best means of communicating the Center’s message: because these animals were born in captivity they must remain caged, yet they must not be made to feel like prisoners.

Another goal is to educate the public about the plight of wildlife in an effort to prevent endangerment and extinction of entire species. This is accomplished by providing a series of lectures, workshops, and outreach programs, which reached over one thousand people last year.  It is also accomplished by welcoming selected small groups of visitors to the Nature Center each year, where they see black bears, Bengal cats, sugar gliders, wolves and wolf hybrids, frogs, mink, and even a hedgehog, all participating in natural behaviors as they would in the wild.  These visitors also have the opportunity to contribute to the Center by working on service projects.

Finally, Indigo Mountain has developed a nationwide network of high quality facilities and organizations to work together in placing wild and exotic animals in permanent homes.

SPCA International is proud to honor Indigo Mountain Nature Center for its work in rescuing exploited wild animals.  We are proud that the Shelter of the Week grant will allow for the purchase of materials to expand one of the bear habitats, including a climbing apparatus, hammocks, digging mounds and other enrichment items for the bears.

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