Gostomel Animal Shelter

Gostomel, Kyiv Oblast
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Their Work

Since 2000, Gostomel Shelter has been dedicated to rescuing and finding permanent housing for stray animals in Ukraine. In 2006, the shelter established a veterinary hospital and rehabilitation center, which is now the largest in Ukraine. Gostomel Shelter has over 700 animals in their care, many of whom have suffered abuse and neglect. Since its inception, the shelter has been advocating for animal rights and educating people in the region about why and how to treat animals with dignity and respect. They recognize that one of the biggest obstacles to their mission of finding loving homes for the animals is the negative public perception of strays. The staff and volunteers work tirelessly around the clock to lobby for the sterilization of strays as a humane method of population control that would benefit both animals and the community.

SPCA International applauds the work being done by Gostomel Shelter despite the damage, destruction, and obstacles created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are proud to support their efforts as they continue to rescue and rehabilitate animals in these difficult times.