Galgos sin Fronteras

Madrid, Community of Madrid
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Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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More than ten years ago,  a group comprised of concerned citizens and volunteers in the country of Spain, could no longer bear witness to the cruel and violent acts being performed on tens of thousands of “Galgos”, a type of Greyhound dog used primarily by hunters during the hunting season. Once the hunting season is over, the dogs are no longer needed and are readily tortured by hanging, dragging, burning, starving and abandonement.  Since Galgos are not classified as ‘pets’, rather dispensable hunting tools,  the governement ceases to intervene leaving them with little or no protection against these sadistic cruelties.

That’s when Galgos Sin Fronteras, or Greyhounds without Borders in English, was founded. Run solely by volunteers and depending completely on funding from donations, Cristina Moreno, president and dedicated leader of the non profitorganization, personally rescues, seeks medical intervention and oversees their recovery before they are adopted out to the right home. In fact, on many occasions, her efforts have gone so far as to personally transport the dogs to other countries where she can be certain that they can lead the remainder of their lives in a safe and caring environment. Galgos by nature are loving, loyal, smart and obedient dogs; which is why hunters use them during the hunting season. Sadly, their worth as more than a hunting aid is almost an anomaly. Even when left to die, hung by their throats (a common practice), their eyes plead for their masters’ forgiveness and next command.

Those that are fortunate to be found and rescued from a horribly difficult life are vetted, vaccinated and sterilized prior to being adopted out. Cristina lobbies endlessly for laws to protect the suffering of Galgos. Expenses are boundless and great, and through your continued support, we are proud to be able to offer them this grant.

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