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Fur Keeps Animal Rescue

Barrington Hills, Illinois
Their Work

In 1999, started as a service to the community, holistic veterinarian Debra Rykoff founded Fur Keeps Animal Rescue, a small organization dedicated to saving animals from high kill shelters and other life threatening situations. Then, with the advent of the huge need created by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Debra volunteered in New Orleans for 6 months and brought back 185 animals to place in forever homes. The expansion of animals that were cared for at this time created what is now a non-profit shelter serving the needs and very often special needs of the animals in Barrington Hills, Illinois.  Once the rescues arrive at the shelter, they are vetted, rehabilitated and then placed into loving forever homes. Aside from direct care, the wonderful volunteers at Fur Keeps are dedicated to promoting “respect and compassion for all animals as partners in the human existence” through education and awareness about cruelty, abuse, neglect and pet ownership.

Recently, a concerned supporter alerted us that the shelter faced some unforeseen circumstances that were putting the animals at risk. Flooding began to occur due to an old septic system that could no longer bear the weight of heavy rainfalls. Broken tiles on the floor and even standing water in several places in the building jeopardized the welfare of the animals.

Through our Shelter Support Program, SPCA International was proud to offer Fur Keeps with a grant to help them repair the structure.

Additional Info and Website

Fur Keeps has many wonderful animals that have been at the shelter for a long time. Please view their profiles at: