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Fly Away Home

Palisades Park, New Jersey
Type of Organization
Rescue and Education
Their Work

Fly Away Home is a rescue group dedicated to helping those animals most in need.  The volunteer foster “parents” and coordinators strive to find homes for the dogs and cats most overlooked at shelters – older animals and those with special needs, be they medical or emotional.  Though it often requires longer foster periods, they work hard to find these loving animals the forever homes they deserve.  By endeavoring to place each dog or cat in the most suitable situation, where they will be an active and loved part of a family, Fly Away Home boasts a high success rate for adoptions.

They currently provide rescue services to dogs in the tri-state area of NJ/NY/CT, as well as doing rescue missions in the southern states, where animals are given very little time in most county pounds before being killed.  All their rescue animals are given full medical treatment, as well as being spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  Says Pam, the founder of Fly Away Home, “Many of these animals, despite dire circumstances and difficult lives, have not only endured but have maintained their zest for living and their sweet, trusting temperament. We believe this is a testament to their underlying resilient personalities and loving natures.”

Fly Away Home recently stepped in to save a senior dog, “Rex,” whose owners wanted a vet to give him a lethal injection because they no longer wanted to care for him.  It turns out he hadn’t been cared for in any real sense his whole life.  He was living outside, confined to a yard with a kennel, and was basically fed via an economy size bag of dog food ripped open in front of his doghouse.  Poor Rex, 10 years old, was not only obese when taken from this terrible situation, but also had a bad case of worms.  Fly Away Home has provided Rex his first medical care, which included radiographs, bloodwork, and his first round of vaccinations.  For a dog that had had almost no human contact, reports Pam, he showed amazing signs of warming to the loving care he received since being rescued.

SPCA International is pleased that the Shelter of the Week grant to Fly Away Home will be used for Rex’s medical expenses.  We applaud Fly Away Home’s desire to offer him a chance to live out the rest of his life in dignity, surrounded by love.

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You can donate to this organization by sending a check to:
Fly Away Home
P.O. Box 146
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

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