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Boxer Luv Rescue

Phoenix, Arizona
Type of Organization
Rescue and Education
Their Work

Boxer Luv was founded in 1998 to rescue homeless and abandoned Boxer dogs and Boxer crosses in the southwest region.  Since then, over 2000 Boxers have been rescued and rehabilitated by the dedicated volunteers forming the Boxer Luv network, with the happy result that over 400 Boxers per year are now adopted into loving and safe homes.  Boxer Luv interviews potential adopters both on the phone and in the home to ensure that each adoptive family understands the commitment their adoption will require.  This careful research ensures the vast majority of adoptions end up success stories.  Boxer Luv also requires that each dog going through its network be spayed or neutered.

Many of the boxers rescued by Boxer Luv are on “death row” at pounds.  Many are found abandoned, starving, and often ill or badly injured.  The organization is committed to getting the best medical care for these dogs, regardless of cost, as long as the dog shows promise of returning to a great quality of life.  Dogs recovering from surgery or with other medical needs are given round-the-clock care by the organization’s 300 volunteers until they are ready to start meeting potential adoptive families.

Boxer Luv funds its rescue efforts in part through a series of fundraisers that provide fun entertainment for the entire community while alerting people to the fantastic work the organization does.

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You can donate to this organization by sending a check to:
Boxer Luv
P.O. Box  47777
Phoenix, AZ 85068-7777

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