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Beauty’s Haven was founded in 2006 by a person with a special connection to horses, and one horse in particular.  Theresa Batchelor was left an “incomplete quadriplegic” after a spinal tumor (she has movement but no prorprioception, or knowledge of where her limbs are and what they are experiencing).  She was advised never to ride a horse again.  However, when the chance came for Theresa to adopt a young horse, Beauty, she jumped at it.  Beauty had been abused and was wary of people, and yet Theresa patiently worked with her and gained her trust and love.  Soon Theresa was back where she longed to be – riding! Beauty learned to be ridden by voice command so as not to be confused by Theresa’s occasional limb tremors due to nerve damage.  “Beauty seems to somehow sense Theresa is ‘different’ and takes good care of her,” her friends report.

Thanks to the therapeutic and life-changing experience Theresa had with Beauty, she was inspired to start Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue in a desire to help all needy horses, no matter whether they are young or old, or what breed they happen to be. Horses who arrive at the farm come from auctions, kill buyers, brokers, and sometimes from owners that no longer want them or can no longer care for them.  Some come from caring owners who want to ensure that their beloved horses find a good home.  Theresa and all the volunteers of Beauty’s Haven take pride and joy in watching a horse that has arrived battered and depressed recover, grow strong, and regain its pride.

Since horses have been the best therapy for Theresa – both physically and mentally – she wants to eventually establish a therapy program for people with challenges like hers.  In the meantime, Beauty’s Haven works to rehabilitate neglected and abused horses, find homes for healthy and well-adjusted ones, and push for prosecution of abuse and neglect cases.

On February 22, 2010, Beauty’s Haven experienced a tornado-type storm, which resulted in damage to fencing, flooding in the barns, and a downed power line and tree.  SPCA International rushed an Emergency Grant to Beauty’s Haven to help repair the storm damage quickly so this incredible organization can continue focusing on what the do best: caring for needy horses.

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