Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness

Nassau, New Providence
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Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
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BAARK! stands for Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness a non-profit organization formed in 2009 by the members of the Facebook Group: For a more humane Bahamas Government Dog Pound. Baark! was established in response to a disturbing revelation about the local Government Pound in the Bahamas; otherwise unknown to the public, each Friday as many as 50 animals are being inhumanely killed by the Pound Staff.

Baark’s mission is to immediately improve the conditions and treatment of animals at the Pound, and rescue as many adoptable strays as possible. They do this by increasing public awareness and funding spay and neuter programs in order to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals on the island. They feel that animals end up in the pound because people do not sterilize, so targeting the source of the problem has became their main goal. In 2010, they participated in World Spay Day and attended Best Friends Conference for the first time. Since then, the all-volunteer group has implemented many fundraisers to be able to host their own spay/neuter clinics.

We first heard of them through their T-N-R efforts on Paradise Island as the feral cat population was becoming a huge problem and residents were starting to complain. Fearful of what might happen to the hundreds of cats in the colony, they sought our help to continue their remarkable initiatives.

SPCAI is proud to support their ongoing efforts and future spay/neuter Day in January through our Shelter Grant Program.

Additional Info and Website

BAARK is key player in the organization of a large spay and neuter initiative that will be taking
place in Nassau in January 2013 along with other local organizations, and headed up by Animal
Balance ( where they will aim to spay and neuter 2,000 animals from
January 10th to January 21st 2013.