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Angels Garden

Xánthi, Northern Greece, Greece
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Spay and Neuter Clinics
Their Work

Since its inception in 2013, Angels Garden has rescued 3,000 dogs and 200 cats in Greece, predominantly in the Xànthi area. In Xànthi alone, there are approximately 5000 stray dogs. These dogs are at risk of being abused and even poisoned every single day. Unfortunately, Greece’s animal welfare laws are minimal and rarely enforced. This enables people to simply abandon their animals in dreadful conditions, and let them die a slow and painful death on the streets. 

Angels Garden’s mission is to rescue abused, sick, or abandoned stray animals and find loving families to adopt them. They also have a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to sterilize street dogs and humanely prevent animal overpopulation. 

SPCA International is proud to be helping Angels Garden expand its sterilization program to improve the quality of life of stray animals and the community.