AdvoCATs Inc.

Arlington, Virginia
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Rescue and Education
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Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
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Little Gayle, the miracle survivor of an over 10 mile trip in the engine of a moving car, was lucky that her meows for help were heard when the car stopped; she was also lucky that the distraught driver was aware of AdvoCATs, Inc., having just adopted two cats from the group.  When the driver called, AdvoCATs was happy to come in to pick up the lucky kitten, but they didn’t stop there.  A dedicated volunteer spent several nights with a humane trap, rounding up all of Gayle’s siblings from the area where she had managed to creep into the car’s engine.  They even found the mother, whose identity became clear due to the remarkable resemblance to Gayle.

AdvoCATs Inc. has been fostering and rehoming felines in and around the nation’s capital for over 10 years.  Like many of the organizations supported by SPCA International, AdvoCATs does amazing work with very little money.  The organization finds new homes (carefully vetted to make sure they’ll meet the furry adoptee’s needs) for cats from a variety of hard-luck situations.  AdvoCATs saves cats from area shelters, from owners who no long can or wish to care for them, and from some managed colonies of “stray” or semi-feral cats.

SPCA International is delighted that our Shelter of the Week grant will help this worthy group of volunteers pay for the spay and neuter surgeries for Gayle and her family, and continue their life-saving work bringing cats a second chance at finding their forever home.

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