Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide

Members of the U.S. military stationed on bases all over the world befriend local animals during deployments that become their companions. But they are often forced to leave them behind when their deployments are over. Our Operation Baghdad Pups program was founded in 2008 to rescue and reunite these patriot pets with our service members in the U.S. To date, we have rescued over 1000 animals from multiple countries in the Middle East, Central Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. Our program has expanded to become “Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide” and now we rescue animals anywhere in the world for members of all military branches.

Until we see peace in every corner of the world, OBP: Worldwide will continue to serve wherever it is needed – just like the heroes of our U.S. Armed Forces. We consider every request, regardless of the location, a chance for SPCA International to give back to our troops.

Do you know a U.S. military serviceman or woman serving oversees that has a special relationship with a dog or cat they befriended there? Contact Us for help bringing that patriot pet to safety in the U.S. where they can be reunited again.

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