You can make this world a better place for our animal friends by coordinating one of these fundraising ideas:

1.    Sale or event to benefit SPCA International: Get together with your friends and organize one of these fun ideas – bake sale, yard sale, car wash, dog wash, neighborhood BBQ or golf tournament.  You’ll end up having a great time with friends and supporting a good cause too!

2.    Fitness challenge: Become an SPCA International athlete.  Sign up to run, walk, bike or triathlon on behalf of animals everywhere. Collect donation pledges from friends and family in support of your goal and SPCA International.

3.    Work event: Coordinate with your boss or co-workers and announce a “Save the Animals” day or week at your office.  Throughout the week, you can collect donations from co-workers, clients and bosses.  Ask your company to match the donations you raise!  You can also ask your company to donate something to raffle; for example, an extra paid vacation day or a special parking spot.

4.    Make your birthday count: Ask your friends to donate to SPCA International in place of traditional birthday gifts.

5.    House party: Host an SPCA International party for your neighbors, friends and relatives at your home.  Use this time to tell them about all the good work SPCA International is doing and ask for their financial support.

6.    Dog walk or pet parade: Organize a local dog walk or pet parade to benefit SPCA International.  Ask local businesses to sponsor the walk through donations to the cause.  Ask walkers and onlookers to give a small donation.  

7.   Set up an educational booth:  Set up a booth at your local summer festivals, other seasonal fairs or outside a grocery store to educate people about animals in need and to collect donations for SPCA International. 

8.    Raffle: No event needed!  Ask a local business to donate a prize and sell off raffle tickets for $5 each.  When you’ve reached your selling goal, have a friend blindly pick a ticket out of a hat.  That ticket wins the prize and the animals really win when you donate the proceeds to SPCA International!

9.    Silent auction: Get friends, family and local businesses to donate items.  Then hold a house party and ask people to bid on the items.  Your friends may get some cool items for a great price and the proceeds can improve the lives of animals all over the world. 

10.    Send a fundraising letter or email:  Download our sample fundraising letter and make it your own by editing it with your personal message. Then send it out to your friends and family.  

There are countless ways to help SPCA International advance the safety and well-being of animals.  We encourage you to use this list as a jumping off point, but the sky is the limit as you continue to be creative!

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