Helpful Hints for Fundraising Success

Just ask! You never know who will want to support your efforts, so keep asking.

2.    Stay positive. Keep a good attitude. With dedicated and consistent effort, you will reach your goal.

3.    Make a plan. Strategize. Be inventive.  Set a fundraising goal and make it public!  Track and share your progress with current and potential donors.  Many people will donate a little bit more if they know you’re close to your goal.

4.    Involve everyone you know. Most people find that their daily contacts supply plenty of potential donors. You'd be surprised at how many people you know - even casual acquaintances - who share your concern and will support your efforts.

5.    Promote your event or fundraising goal with posters, email or flyers. Make sure everyone with whom you come into contact knows about your commitment.  Add your personal fundraising link to your email signature. Send an announcement to business associates, local companies, churches, schools and newspapers.

6.    Tell your personal story. Tell people what got you involved with SPCA International and why the cause is important to you.

7.    Be inclusive.  Always use “We” instead of “I” when asking for a donation. You are part of SPCA International’s family of volunteers.

8.    Keep flyers on hand. Be ready to educate people about SPCA International by always having information on hand.  

9.    Recruit help. Friends, family members, co-workers and significant others can be a great help in soliciting donations and spreading the word about events you plan to host.

10.  Say thank you! Always thank people for their time and interest, even if they are not able to donate.  When someone donates, thank them on the spot and follow up with a thank you note.  Supporters like to know they’re appreciated.

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