One Green Planet
By Natasha Brooks
Published: September 17, 2017

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As man’s trustworthy and reliable best friend, dogs should be respected and loved, yet countless numbers of them are exploited and abused by humans every day. From being overbred and neglected in puppy mills to being pitted against one another in dog fights, brutally experimented on in laboratories or being forced to compete on race tracks, dogs are suffering tremendously worldwide.

Greyhounds are typically associated with dog racing, but they are also being exploited, brutally tortured, and killed in hunting practices in Spain. According to a petition on Care2 written by SPCA International60,000 Spanish Greyhounds, or Galgos, are tortured and killed in Spain annually. The dogs are used to hunt hares, but after they are deemed useless in the hunts, they are mercilessly discarded and abused in shocking ways.

SPCA’s petition details the horrific abuse inflicted on these beautiful dogs, explaining how many are hung by their necks and sway for days until they succumb to the torture and perish. Others are brutally beaten with rocks, thrown into pits and wells, and some are buried alive.

The SPCA has been working to end these barbaric practices since 2012, but there is still a long way to go, and they need your help. If you would like to see an end to the torture and murder of Spanish Greyhounds, please take a moment to sign the petition addressed to the Spanish Government and voice your opinion.

There is great power in numbers, so please share this with your network to increase awareness of this serious issue!

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