Statement Regarding Ongoing Rescue Efforts in Afghanistan

We’re happy to provide an update on this mission. SPCA International is continuing to work with Kabul Small Animal Rescue and experienced fellow NGOs, including War Paws, Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, Animal Wellness Action and Puppy Rescue Mission, to pursue options for transporting the dogs and cats out of Afghanistan after the August 31 U.S.  military withdrawal. The funds raised are being directed towards the feeding and care of the animals in KSAR’s care and our organizations’ ongoing work towards the hopeful safe extraction of the animals of Kabul Small Animal Rescue (including dogs as well as cats that weren’t permitted at the airport but which are part of the ongoing extraction efforts). We know the animals not being evacuated before August 31 is not the initial outcome we and our supporters hoping for, and donors can email us at [email protected] to have their donations refunded if they’d prefer. 

The funds raised by SPCA International in support of this mission are being designated exclusively to support the ongoing needs of the animals in KSAR’s care, including their potential evacuation. If donations surpass the amount needed by KSAR, funds will be used to support other critical animal rescue efforts through SPCA International’s Shelter Support Fund, which supports animal shelters in need around the world. These funds are designated exclusively for program costs and do not support administrative or fundraising costs. 

SPCA International has extensive experience transporting animals out of the Middle East, including Afghanistan and other countries, and we pursued every possible avenue for evacuating KSAR and their animals before August 31. We aren’t giving up and are still optimistic that we can help to safely rescue these animals and their caretakers. 

The situation on the ground in Afghanistan remains highly volatile, and the safety of Charlotte and KSAR staff is still at risk. We will share further updates on our ongoing efforts to transport Charlotte and the animals in KSAR’s care out of Afghanistan as soon as it’s safe to do so. While we can’t provide constant updates at this time due to the ongoing and very real security threats, we are working tirelessly in support of this mission and will provide regular updates as soon as we can do so without compromising KSAR’s safety. Thank you so much for all your support of the animals and staff of Kabul Small Animal Rescue.