Statement on Delta Banning Big Game Shipments



Statement of Meredith Ayan, SPCA International Executive Director

New York, NY August 4th 2015 – From the overwhelming and ongoing public outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion, it is fair to assume a large majority of Americans are against the so-called sport of big game hunting internationally. It goes without saying that this is an outdated and deplorable tourist activity.

We are extremely pleased with the decision of Delta, American Airlines and United to ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies and we hope their further review of other trophy shipment policies will result in an expanded list. I think we can hold up these airlines as a model of corporate America responding to public outrage by doing what they can internally to make change. Although legislation had already been introduced by Sen. Menendez in Congress, laws against this kind of import would have been a long time coming. I’m impressed that Delta, American and United have gotten out in front this issue and showed the public that they won’t stand idly by when they can seize the opportunity to do good on an issue that is seemingly unrelated to their bottom line.

SPCA International strongly supports all efforts to ban the import and export of these trophies and encourages the public to continue to press this issue through social media, traditional media, and legislative and grassroots channels.