SPCA International Aims to Rescue 12 Combat Pets and Reunite them with U.S. Soldiers

Working in post-war Iraq is extremely costly; travel within the country continues to require a team of security personnel traveling in convoys of three armored vehicles. The military buddies SPCA International rescues receive this high security transportation on the route north from Baghdad to Erbil where the Operation Baghdad Pups team awaits to fly them out. One such animal is a U.S. Embassy cat named Zeke who was befriended by a female Lieutenant Corporal from Spotsylvania, VA, who is serving in Iraq as an Army Defense Coordinator. SPCA International will feature Zeke’s full story on spcai.org later this month.


Other patriot pets that need to be rescued include Max and Mutt, two dogs who befriended troops stationed in Kuwait on the Iraqi border. In the United States, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) needs help transporting his Cocker Spaniel, Morgan, to Massachusetts where the veteran will receive medical treatment. The veteran has refused treatment up until now because he lacks the financial resources to bring his cocker companion with him.

“These animals mean the world to our soldiers and veterans. If an animal is helping our troops in the war zone, or helping war veterans adjust to life back in the US, SPCA International is here to help keep them together,” said Stephanie Scott of SPCA International.

SPCA International specializes in assisting animals in areas of conflict and disaster. During times of natural disaster, political turmoil, war and man-made disaster, SPCA International is ready to take action. For more on SPCA International and their work with our troops, visit www.spcai.org.