KOIN | Video | Oregon Guard members reunite with deployment dogs

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — There was a happy reunion Thursday night at Portland International Airport.

The SPCA International reunited 3 Oregon Air National Guard members with dogs they befriended while on deployment in Romania.

The reunion was coordinated and paid for by “Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide.”

For Joshua Boelter, Aaron Lamont and Pam Carter, this reunion meant quite a bit.

“Big anticipation. I’m so excited,” Boelter told KOIN 6 News. “I’ve been really anxious and nervous and happy all at the same time.”

Lamont admitted he couldn’t stop smiling. “Yeah, we’re excited. Definitely excited.”

Boelter was sort of adopted by his lovable little Luna while he was deployed in Romania. “When she ran up and jumped in my lap and started licking my face, I knew there was something there.”

Lamont felt the same way when he first saw Chico’s furry face.And Carter was “adopted” by Charlie.

When the dogs arrived and all were reunited, the world was right again.

“Oh, she’s messed,” Boelter said, smiling. “She’s piddling.”