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SPCAI Condemns Montreal’s Killer Legislation



Statement of Meredith Ayan, Executive Director, SPCA International

New York, September 28 – The Montreal City Council passed killer legislation yesterday that will be a death sentence to hundreds of innocent dogs. Breed-specific bans have been determined to be totally ineffective and impossible to enforce. Pit bulls and other similar breeds can make exceptional family dogs, but this new bylaw will greatly hinder their ability to get adopted from shelters and result in a dramatic increase in their euthanasia rates.

The breeds targeted by this legislation are not born aggressive. To condemn a dog based on its breed is to perpetuate a false stereotype. We are certain that enhanced enforcement of cruelty and abuse laws would better protect Montreal’s citizens than this killer legislation, as well as being a more productive use of taxpayer money.

The animal welfare community is totally outraged and SPCA International intends to help bring international pressure to bear on this ill-conceived policy. Simply put, breed-specific legislation does not improve public safety; it only hands down judgment to innocent dogs who are undeserving of such prejudice.

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Do you want to do something about this? Please write in to the Montreal mayor's office to tell them to stop killing innocent dogs with ineffective, ill-conceived laws. Write to the mayor here:https://mairedemontreal.ca/en/send-message-mayor