By Veronica Ortega, WSBT 22 Reporter

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Rescue efforts are continuing for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.In some cases, that includes pets and other displaced animals. Locally, people and organizations are trying to help.

A spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States says South Bend's Pet Refuge is ready and willing to take in animals impacted by the storm.

One local non-profit rescue is collecting pet supplies to send to Texas.

"Obviously Hurricane Harvey is making a big impact on everybody and the animals obviously don't go unnoticed, especially for those people that are so passionate about animals like we are,” said Kalee Ziots, volunteer coordinator for Fur-ever Fosters.

Fur-ever Fosters, a foster-based rescue in South Bend has decided to step up. The group is collecting everything from pet food, blankets, beds, crates, and cleaning supplies.

A spokesperson for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International says if you want to help, the first thing you should do is check social media.

"A lot of shelters will put their needs out on social media so take a look there first and give them a call before just showing up with items in hand," said Meredith Ayan, executive director SPCA.

The SPCA says the best and quickest way to provide aid is to send money. The organization has an emergency support fund for these types of situations that will go to help those shelters and rescues that need it.

"When the flood waters go away in two weeks or a month, they are still going to be in need of funding. That's when the real work begins -- when they're adopting animals out,” said Ayan.

Fur-ever Fosters will be sending its donations to the SPCA and the shelter Austin Pets Alive.

Others ways you can help? Signing up to become a foster.

"We absolutely want to take in any animals that we can from Texas. The issue is we have our own animals locally so the more foster homes we can get for them, the more animals that we can help from Texas,” said Ziots.

Fur-ever Fosters is going to have a fill the trailer drive on Saturday. It's going to be at 2609 Mishawaka Ave. in South Bend.



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