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Nina Porcuincula - @whec_nina

It was a reunion that was a thousand miles in the making -- the story of two friends who met overseas while one was deployed.

You should have seen how happy the cat and the owner, Seray Aksoy, were when they finally saw each other. Seray told us how painful it was to say goodbye to the cat but now that pain is gone.

"I've been really anxious," says Aksoy. "Like, I'm just very excited he's actually going to be here and be safe."

After being separated for months, Senior Airman Seray Aksoy is finally reuniting with her cat, Marcus. She befriended Marcus during her deployment in Kuwait. For her, he is more than just a pet.

"He's super important," says Aksoy. "I mean, to create a bond with an animal there, it helps more than you would think. But, being there is tough enough. It was great to have something to look actually look forward to when you went to work every night."

But she had to go back home and he was left behind. She reached out to the SPCA International to help bring him to Rochester. After days and months of waiting, Marcus finally landed at the airport.

"This is awesome. I'm so happy this is finally happening."

Seray can't wait to bring Marcus home. He would have to adjust to his new environment, but now that he's reunited with Aksoy -- things can only get better.

"I think it's a huge change," says Aksoy. "He'll definitely be in check for a little bit, but I think he's going to love it."

We're pretty sure Marcus will love it in Rochester. He might have to adjust with the Rochester weather.

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