Wanted: Loving Home for Dynamic Duo

Chachi is a very special dog who is looking for his forever home. We first met Chachi when we were in Chernobyl, Ukraine, to provide medical care and sterilization for hundreds of stray animals descended from pets left behind during the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

We could tell Chachi would someday make a great family member, but he had lived his entire life without a home and had never learned how to interact with others. Our friends at Mission K9 Rescue in Texas offered to use their expert training techniques to get him prepared for a loving forever home.

Chachi had a lot of anxiety when he first arrived in Houston at Mission K9 Rescue, but they provided endless love, care, and training, and he grew from a frightened street dog into a happy and loving boy.

His caretakers credit Chachi’s transformation to his best buddy, Tess. Tess was in training to be a bomb-sniffing dog and barely missed the cut. Still, she is a confident, kind, happy, and well-trained girl. Both Chachi and Tess are a little over two years old, and they have bonded with each other so strongly, that they can only be adopted together.  

The staff at Mission K9 Rescue tell us that Chachi and Tess are a match made in heaven. Chachi shows endless concern for Tess’ wellbeing and Tess has taught Chachi to trust people. These two will make a wonderful addition to a loving family.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful pair, please email [email protected].