Testimony Presented at Spanish Congress of Deputies

As many of our supporters now know, SPCA International was honored to testify at the Congress of Deputies in Spain about Greyhound abuse issues in Spain on March 12th 2014. It was totally unexpected that we would have the opportunity to speak at this groundbreaking meeting, but we were delighted to get the chance to be a loud voice for Greyhounds of Spain and the rescue groups in Spain working diligently to stop the tradition of abuse and killing. We made brief spoken statements and also delivered an official letter that was submitted along with letters from six other organizations. The six letters introduced a multitude of complementary policy changes and ours focused on 1) that hunting with Greyhounds should be outlawed outright, and 2) new humane education programs should be implemented in the national curriculum.

My Spoken Statement:
I am Stephanie Scott and this is Meredith Ayan. We are from SPCA International based in the U.S. We are honored to join you and to represent the international animal welfare community here today.

The plight of Galgos in Spain is gaining international attention and we are so thankful for all the groups working tirelessly in Spain on behalf of Galgos. This community of activists is well represented here today and they are saving lives every day and facing incredible challenges in the process. Their work is truly commendable.

We are grateful to the Committee for listening and taking action on what you hear today. These beautiful and gentle creatures need a more powerful voice, and you can give it to them.

Thank you for inviting us to join you today. We look forward to being your partners as we work to improve life for every Galgo in Spain.

Meredith Ayan’s Spoken Statement:
Thank you very much for hosting us. We are so pleased to be here with so many dedicated organizations and happy to be representing North America and the international community. When I came here in September and made this video, and saw the Galgos firsthand I was very angry. But being here today, I am very happy, seeing so many people here to change the future of the Galgos. This issue is very important to us and we are eager to find a solution that will benefit these beautiful animals.