Staff Holiday Pet Gift Ideas

hoodie.pngI have actually given this as a Christmas gift before and it was a big hit! It is a red and cream striped hoodie for dogs from American Apparel. It’s perfect for the holidays because it keeps them nice and toasty but it also makes them look like adorable candy canes! – JULIE




barkbox.pngBarkbox is a savior in our house. Especially during these cold winter months when we're spending less time outdoors and the 700 toys Lilah already has are just sooo boring. (Direct quote from her). Our Barkbox arrived just in time this past Monday when it was 23 degrees outside and we had exhausted every option in the toy box. Suddenly, we had 2 brand new squeaky toys and 3 different bags of treats to sample! It's gotten to the point that whenever a package arrives, Lilah comes running to see what's in it for her! – MEREDITH

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My cat Tigger goes crazy for this tassel wand toy. He leaps high into the air to catch it and hides behind furniture to "stalk" it. He even drags it up and down our stairs so we will play it with him. It's great exercise for him! – JANET



Carmine-Radio-Flyer.pngWhen it comes to gifts for my dogs, it's good old fashioned comfort. I always wanted a Radio Flyer growing up as a kid and now I finally got one for my senior guy. Balls and toys come in second to this special treat! – LORI




For a special treat, my two kitties – Charlie and Knowledge – love to chew on these great toys.  They are filled with catnip and fibrous catnip stalks to satisfy their natural desire to crunch and chew.     ANNE