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Pet Travel Over the Holidays

The holidays are one of the most hectic seasons for travel, but it is the perfect time to take your pet along with you. Here are some holiday pet travel tips for your pet:

  • Protect Your Pet – Using pet ID tags with your cell phone number are great since there will not be anyone at home to answer the phone if your pet gets lost.
  • Plan Ahead – Book airline reservations early as the airlines limit the number of pets per flight. Check with your specific airline for their policies.  Hotels can limit the number of pet rooms they have available. Don't wait until the last minute. 
  • Blackout Periods – Check with your airline well in advance. Many have blackout periods during the busy holiday season due to overbookings and frigid temperatures.
  • Pet crates or pet carriers are a great way to keep your pet safe when traveling in the car. It’s a good idea to get them used to their crates by introducing it to them in advance. Try putting treats and their favorite toys in them and leave the door open in a safe place so they can go in and out.
  • Bring food and water – If you are traveling by car, be prepared by having a supply of water and their brand of pet food in portable pet water and food bowls.
  • Keep it normal – When traveling, keep your pet on their normal schedule by feeding them and taking them for their walk as close to the regular time as possible.
  • Keep calm – Give your pet an all-natural pet calmer that will make them less anxious or speak to your veterinarian for recommendations, especially if your pet is older.
  • Prepare for the Price of Pet Travel – If you haven’t flown a pet before, you may be paying as much or more for your pet than for yourself.
  • Prevent Puppy’s anxiety attack at 30,000 feet – Toys and blankets from home can help relieve the stress that foreign environments can create for your pet.
  • Driving Cross-Country With Your Pet – Tether your pet in a comfy crate or harness, not by the collar (a choking hazard in the case of a sudden stop), in the backseat only for safety from collisions and airbags.