Marines in the Philippines Need Your Help

This month, we aim to deploy an OBP rescue mission in a new part of the world; a reminder that US servicemen and women everywhere need our help. There are many brave men and women serving around the world making connections with animals that help them through tough times. So, where do we need to go next?

Military stations in the Philippines are closing and when SPCA International received a plea for help from Marine Gunnery Sergeant Kevin we heard the urgency in his voice. These Marines had fallen in love with 4 dogs that needed their help and now they desperately need our help too.

JJ, Lobo, Skid and Kenny each found their way into loving arms and hearts of these American heroes. They have helped Kevin and his comrades by being constant sources of love, comfort and an escape from everyday life. While away from their families on long tours of duty, we have seen many servicemen and women take comfort in an animal’s company. Their companionship is invaluable.
JJ wears the scars on his face as a daily reminder of the pain he has suffered in his life. Skid and Lobo where found by these military men when they were just weeks old and now they want to be sure they have better lives than what awaits if they are left behind. And Kenny is looking forward to starting over in the US too. Each one of these dogs will have a better life with families that love them. They won’t have to wonder where their next meal is coming from, or escape brutal attacks by packs of local dogs. We want the only worry in their life to be whether to take a nap on the couch or on a patch of sunlight on the soft carpet.

With your help, we will make the long journey to the Philippines by June 18th to rescue these 4 deserving pups. We will bring them to the US to live the lives they deserve after helping our military heroes find some peace and joy far from home. If you help, Kevin and the other Marines will be able to sleep at night knowing the dogs that they protected for so long on their base are safe with their families. They will know that Americans like you are thankful for their service because you donated to help bring their dogs’ home to safety.

Operation Baghdad Pups started in Iraq, but we’re proud to continue expanding this mission to other parts of the world. At the core, this program was founded to assist our troops at their time of need. And that’s just what we plan to continue to do – with your financial support. Please donate today!