Lola and Champ Safe in SPCA International Care

Lola and Champ are just two of dozens of Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide animals who are safe in our care and awaiting transportation to the U.S. Rescuing dogs and cats for soldiers stationed overseas may seem simple, but it is a complex process that involves many caring people and lots of red tape.

These rescued pets are passed from soldiers to our in-country staff and partners to begin the vaccination and travel clearance process. From there, SPCA International navigates the many complex requirements of bringing dogs and cats from overseas into the U.S.

Champ is the three-legged pup whose soldier was unexpectedly ordered back to the U.S. in December. Thankfully, he is in our care and awaiting transportation. His original travel plans fell through, but we are exploring pet transportation company and flight volunteer options, both of which have become more complicated with COVID-19 restrictions and requirements.

Lola is the sweet little puppy that was found all alone by soldiers on patrol. As a young pup, Lola had to wait for certain vaccinations required for travel to the U.S. She’s nearly ready and her travel arrangements are being made for March.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the rescue missions of Lola and Champ. Here at SPCA International, we are anxious to get them to the U.S. and we know you are looking forward to receiving that news too. In the meantime, rest assured, these pups and others are safe, loved and cared for as they await reunification with their soldiers.