Liberty is Coming Home!

Liberty was rescued by Sergeant Eric when she was just a puppy scrounging for food. An animal lover, the sergeant took in the small, timid dog. He made her a bed, got her food, and the two quickly became inseparable. Liberty was precisely what the sergeant needed to keep his spirits up on deployment, and he was the perfect protector to keep Liberty safe.

But when his deployment ended, Sergeant Eric was heartbroken at the possibility of Liberty having to stay behind, so he reached out to SPCA International to help transport her to the United States. Like many Operation Baghdad Pup: Worldwide missions, this one came with its set of challenges, but we knew we could not let Liberty or Sergeant Eric down. Our team worked tirelessly on the logistics of getting Liberty to the United States, but we needed help from dedicated supporters like you to cover the cost of her transportation. 

Thanks to your generosity, we are excited to share that Liberty will be coming home next month! The sergeant cannot wait to be reunited with his best friend again, and we could not be happier to know that Liberty will soon be able to start her new life with the hero who saved her. While she awaits her freedom flight, Liberty is getting tons of love and care from our team overseas.