Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Bowsers Bed

Recommended by Meredith Ayan, Executive Director

If there’s one thing Lilah loves more than anything, especially as we get into these cold winter months in NY, it’s her Bowsers bed. The day I brought it home she took one look, climbed in and passed out! She loves it because it’s so cozy, and I love it because it’s durable and machine washable. I used to buy less expensive beds and replace them every six months or so, but we’ve had her Bowsers bed for two years and will for many more to come.

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

Recommended by Stephanie Scott, Director of Communications

Cats need stimulation! Food puzzles are a great way to challenge their minds and senses while keeping them from overeating. This Food Tree will be under our tree on Christmas morning with a tag labeled “To Blueberry. With love from, Santa.” For more information about food puzzles on the market and difficulty ratings visit this wonderful site dedicated to the topic: Food Puzzles for Cats. This site has a section on Wet Food Puzzles and how to make your own food puzzle at home with readily available supplies.

Whack-a-Mouse Toy

Recommended by Anne Abbot, Development and Donor Services Manager

If there is one thing my cat Charlie loves it’s his Whack-a-Mouse toy. It’s fun for him to try and guess which hole the mouse will pop out of next, and when it does poke through one of the holes he quickly tries to catch it. It’s endless fun for the both of us!

Chuck It Classic

Recommend by Lori Kalef, Program Manager

My dogs love a good game of catch and nothing beats the Chuck It Classic. It gets the job done far better than any strong throwing arm can muster. It wears out your pooches in less time and boy is it fun to watch them run, run, run. Sometimes I wonder if I like this toy better than they do!

Fluff and Tuff 

Emma Koeniger, Executive Assistant

I cannot count the amount of toys I used purchase and inevitably throw away after a few weeks because my dog Kuma has ripped them up beyond repair. Thankfully we found Fluff & Tuff. These toys are not only adorable, but they can take a beating. Kuma has had his for the last few years and will probably un-wrap the Holiday Gator this year.