Executive Director’s Blog

  • The Art of Building Global Partnerships

    October 30, 2020
    The work we do here at SPCA International acknowledges that animals do not know the borders humans have drawn on maps. Most countries have similar problems when it comes to animal welfare issues. The best way for our team to learn how to approach these issues is by observing and collaborating with the local community.
  • In Memory of Rita, a Fierce Advocate for Animals

    October 27, 2020
    My heart is heavy as I write this tribute to an amazing woman who brought the Humane Society of St. Thomas to SPCA International as a dedicated partner. Rita forged a long-time partnership between two organizations that continues to make a difference in the lives of animals today.
  • Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Rescue Flight Behind the Scenes – Next Rescues

    October 20, 2020
    Executive Director, Meredith Ayan has taken us behind the scenes of SPCA International’s recent rescue operation. This special flight from Iraq reunited soldiers with their adopted cats and dogs that had been stuck for months because of COVID-19. Learn what is next for Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide.
  • Animals Today Radio Interview

    October 1, 2020
    Animals Today covers all things related to animals worldwide, with an emphasis on their welfare and is a great source of information for animal lovers everywhere. Check out the podcast to hear me discuss our rescue flight, as well as additional animal news.
  • SPCA International Stands Ready when Disaster Strikes

    September 22, 2020
    I think we are all in agreement that 2020 has already been quite a year. In January, I expected a year that would be much like 2019, just with a stronger ability to reach more animals in need. As always, we budgeted and planned for disaster response, but I had no idea how much of …
  • Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Rescue Flight Behind the Scenes – New York to Home

    September 9, 2020
    After months of planning it was such a relief to see our plane full of rescued dogs and cats touch down at JFK. Each animal had been rescued by a service member months earlier, before life was so drastically altered by COVID-19. The animals had made the long journey from Iraq, arriving in NYC …
  • Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Rescue Flight Behind the Scenes – Iraq to New York

    August 26, 2020
    With no commercial flights between Iraq and the U.S. and our kennels and foster homes in Iraq full of waiting dogs and cats, our team started to think outside the box. Our incredible Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide team came up with a solution – a special rescue flight just for the dogs and cats of …
  • Animal Wellness Action Partnership: Kangaroos Are Not Shoes!

    August 15, 2020
    SPCA International works to build strong partnerships with organizations doing important animal welfare work around the globe. This model brings strength to our sector and increases our impact. I am thrilled to announce a new partnership with Animal Wellness Action on a new campaign Kangaroos Are Not Shoes!
  • The City of Agadir: A model for animal welfare in Morocco

    July 23, 2020
    A new partnership with Le Coeur Sur La Patte in Morocco is saving lives and changing the way the city of Agadir approaches animal population control. These steps are just the beginning of implementing a sustainable model of animal population control.
  • New York Moves to Ban Animal Sales in Pet Stores

    July 9, 2020
    Here at SPCA International, we are thrilled that the New York State Senate has approved a bill to prohibit the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits in pet stores. The bill still needs to pass the Assembly and be approved by the Governor, but it is now well on its way.