Declaw Dilemma and Traveling with Pets

Dear Emma,

I have two cats that are completely destroying my furniture! I am unable to cut their nails, I just want them to stop clawing my furniture. A friend of mine suggested declawing them, but I don’t know what the process is. Do you recommend this alternative? – Dave L.

Declawing may sound like the perfect solution, remove the nail and now your curtains and furniture are safe. However, declawing is not so straight forward. Declawing is not the removal of the nail but of the portion of or the entire bone, imagine removing the bone from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle, this is achieved through a surgical procedure of either using a scalpel blade, clipper or laser. There are so many alternative options to save your furniture and cat from an unnecessary and painful procedure, check them out!

  • Since you’re unable to trim your cat’s nails you can take your cats to your local veterinary clinic to do it for you.
  • Try nail covers like Soft Paws
  • Provide scratching alternatives like a scratching post
  • Make furniture less appealing by covering scratching sites with foil or plastic, you can find plastic scratch guards on

Dear Emma,

My husband and I are getting ready to embark on a cross country road trip. We’re just about ready to go but aren’t sure if we should bring our hound mix, Josie, with us. We’ve never taken her on vacation before and aren’t sure how we go about getting her ready. Please help! – Casey B.

Bringing your furry friend on vacation is a great way to make some unforgettable memories. Just like packing your own bag make sure your dog is properly prepared so they can have a comfortable and safe trip too. You’ll want to make sure that Josie’s collar fits properly and is fitted with current identification tags, you can also add a temporary tag with a phone number where you can be reached (like a hotel or cellphone) if you’re in one location for an extended amount of time. You’ll want a copy Josie’s health and vaccination records on hand and any required health certificates prior to travel. If Josie is on any medication, including monthly preventatives, make sure to bring them with you. Since you’re traveling by car a crate or canine seatbelt will help her stay safe while driving. And make sure she has some comforts from home like a few toys, treats or bed. Always check the weather beforehand to make sure Josie will be adequately prepared and that your hotels are pet-friendly. I hope you have an awesome vacation!

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