10 Years Old
Plott Hound Mix

Tiger came to the shelter at three years old. He came from an abusive home; his ears were missing, and there was a large gash in his back that required treatment. Tiger did not leave the shelter again until 2019 when he went to a foster home for 18 months. Initially, Tiger was timid and not used to city noise. Soon, he emerged from his shell and transformed into a big puppy, very affectionate and enjoying his cuddles.

But after this point, Tiger’s growth in overall confidence coincided with the re-emergence of the food-guarding behavior, and his foster’s lifestyle (long working hours and roommates) no longer fit Tiger’s needs.

For the first few months after his return to the shelter, he was sad and confused. But he quickly fell back into his guardian role and still remembered basic commands.

Tiger is best suited for singles or couples. He is good with children but needs a home where every person can support his training. He is good with other dogs as long as he is fed separately.

For more information about Tiger, please email [email protected].