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Left For Dead

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When they discovered him, he was weak and his infected wound was covered with maggots. Ziggy had been shot in the face by a heartless person. Can you imagine the agony he must have experienced? The overwhelming fear he must have felt, unable to understand why someone would hurt him this way.

Ziggy was found near the Lebanon-Syria border, where animal abuse is common. It was a miracle that our SPCA International partners reached Ziggy before it was too late. Our team met him with loving and well-trained hands. Veterinarians, vet techs and devoted volunteers were by his side around the clock, helping to treat his infection and nursing him back to stable health before a much-needed lifesaving operation.

With the help of supporters like you and SPCA International, Ziggy made a remarkable recovery where he is now ready to spend the rest of his life in a loving home! Won’t you help another defenseless animal today?