ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.



Your donation’s impact will be multiplied by 5 thanks to SPCA International’s access to very low-cost veterinary supplies. Our partners in developing countries struggle to secure simple supplies like antibiotics, surgery kits, and bandages. With your help, we can deliver those veterinary supplies very cost-effectively. Your generosity will have 5 times the impact. $50 today will deliver $250 of medication and surgical supplies.

When you give today, it means an end to the pain and the beginning of healing for animals in need.

You Can Save Suffering Dogs and Cats​

We have partner clinics on almost every continent that are desperate for these supplies stand eager to accept what you can send. They take in horribly injured animals. And they wait – they wait for the medicines that will save the dogs and cats they care for.  

Your Donation Will Have 5X the Impact!

of surgical supplies

of antibiotics

of pain medication

Help Stop Their Suffering

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