Country: Panama

Years of Partnership: 5

A year of record breaking sterilization success!

SPCA International and Spay Panama continued their fifth year of partnership in 2015 and celebrated Spay Panama's amazing milestone when they reached 100,000 spay and neuters in October. In November, SPCAI and Spay Panama teamed up to break another record - 1,637 sterilizations in one week-long event. The Spay Panama team has a passion for life changing sterilization surgeries and their stalwart dedication to their mission is setting a high standard for countries struggling with animal overpopulation across the globe.


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(clockwise from top): A young Panamanian girl holds the kitten she brought for sterilization surgery. Without Spay Panama's services, her family could not afford this critical preventative measure, Spay Panama's 100,000th sterilization- Kitten was named Luz Esperanza meaning "light of hope", cats recovering from sterilization surgery.

SPCAI partner Spay Panama broke a sterilization record with the help of a $22,000 grant and donations of veterinary supply aid. The team sterilized 1,627 animals in November 2016 - making it their most successful mon (1).png

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