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Valley Wildlife Care, located in West Hills, CA, is dedicated to giving California's orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife a second chance through their superior rehabilitation and release efforts.  Licensed to serve all native mammals and specially licensed to serve coyotes and eagles, this organization is able to make a substantial impact on many precious species.  

During the summer of 2009, Valley Wildlife Care faced serious financial hardship after one of the largest wildfires in Southern California history destroyed thousands of acres of wildlife habitat.  Like many small non-profits that find themselves in the middle of serious natural disasters, Valley Wildlife Care was financially crippled by the unexpected influx of injured and orphaned wildlife.    

Due to Valley Wildlife Care’s dedication to helping wildlife, they did not turn away even one animal.  Many of the creatures needed long term medical attention due to burns and smoke inhalation.  These kinds of injuries require several weeks or months of intensive care and supervision costing thousands of dollars.  

SPCA International is pleased to assist Valley Wildlife Care with an Emergency Grant to help them through this extraordinary time of need, but the organization needs more support from the community.  To help an orphaned bobcat, a burnt owl, or an injured grey fox, please donate today by visiting:

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