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TerrAnimal  is a group working on the development of projects related to animal protection in Ecuador.   The focus of their work is ethical treatment for all species while acknowledging and understanding of social realities of Ecuador.  Fernando Arroyo, the founder, works directly with humane activist groups, public institutions and other organizations working for the well-being and protection of animals; as well as, private institutions that develop corporate social responsibility programs.

Recently, Fernando began working with Fundación Camino a Casa (founded in 2011), a small group of volunteers that began feeding a few stray dogs. They are now dedicated to feeding more than 400 every week. Aside from feeding, they do rescue work, spaying and neutering, and educational programs for the public.

This June, TerrAnimal and Fundacion Camio a Casa are teaming up to put on a large spay and neuter campaign. SPCA International is proud to be the sole financial sponsor of this spay and neuter campaign. Please stay tuned for photos and stories after the event.

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