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Animal Welfare

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Education and Advocacy
Spay and Neuter Clinics

Their Work

Animazul has been working since 2002 to combat the problem of overpopulation among street dogs in Lima, Peru.  This is accomplished mainly through sterilization programs.  The organization is also committed to public education regarding the problem of the suffering of dogs living in the street.  In addition, Animazul maintains a sanctuary currently housing 70 former street dogs, where the dogs enjoy proper nutrition and shelter and are assured of a home for as long as it takes to find a kind person to adopt them permanently.  The final aspect of Animazul’s work is finding “forever homes” for the dogs it takes in.

SPCA International is proud to honor this program for its commitment to the stray dogs of Peru and glad that this emergency grant will help keep the shelter open to continue its lifesaving work.

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Update January, 2011:
I wish you the best for the new year, !!... like you said in your letter

"This time of year we tend to remember who our family and friends are"

You and the SPCA were the only friends  who helped our shelter in the worst moment, and I will never forget that!!!..a millions of thanks, thanks for existing and for being part of the SPCA and make so many miracles for animals!!!

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