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The Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic opened in the Birmingham, Alabama, on June 3, 2008. Its goal: to stem the tide of unwanted and abandoned companion animals by offering low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to its community through partnerships with rescues, shelters and pet owners. 

The Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic has an exceptional and experienced staff. Although it handles multiple surgeries each day, quality is never sacrificed and extraordinary care and attention is given to every dog and cat that comes in.


On June 4, 2009, Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic reached a huge milestone. After just one year of operation, it announced the successful completion of its 9000th surgery! This team is making a huge impact on the stray animal population in its community.


In addition to the low-cost spay and neuter service, the Alabama Clinic also partners with local groups and organizations to transport pets in need of surgery. Many citizens who rely entirely on public transportation find they have no way to travel with their pets for spay and neuter services. But, thanks to Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic’s transportation system, no pet in the area is forced to go without alteration due to lack of transportation.


Recently, Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic announced the launch of Feral Cat Fridays. This inventive program offers a humane solution for feral cat colonies by encouraging area caretakers to trap and bring in as many cats as possible for alteration, rabies vaccination, and flea, worm and ear mite treatment.


SPCA International is proud to honor this special clinic as Shelter of the Week. If you would like to learn more about Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic, or if you are in need of its services in the Birmingham area, please visit,

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