New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet's Health

By Shawn Messonnier DVM
A resource from Pet-Togethers 

Here’s my simple step-by-step plan to help your pet get healthy this year. Take it slow and easy, go step-by-step, don’t get overwhelmed, and by this time next year you’ll have taken several small but important steps to improve your pet’s health.

Improve your pet’s diet. Read the label on your pet’s food. Choose those diets that do not contain harmful b-yproducts and chemicals like BHA, BHT, and ethoxyqin. Diets I recommend include Nature’s Variety, Eagle Pack, California Naturals, Innova, Wysong, Old Mother Hubbard, Halo and Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance.

If you want to cook for your pet, check out any of the diets in The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats.

• Minimize vaccines. Pets DO NOT need annual vaccines. Instead, have your veterinarian do an annual blood antibody test called a titer test to determine if and when your pet might need vaccinations. And DON’T vaccinate your pet when illness is present and NEVER vaccinate pets with immune diseases or cancer.

• Minimize toxins. While oral monthly heartworm preventive medication is important, most pets do NOT need annual chemical flea and tick control. Try to use natural flea products, and save the chemicals for those times when parasites are bad and you need quick kill.

• Use supplements to keep your pet healthy. The BEST product I’ve found is the PetCentrx brand called Vim & Vigor Formula made by Pet Togethers. It comes as a tasty treat for dogs and cats and supports the immune system, GI system, bladder, connective tissues, and contains antioxidants and fatty acids.

• Pets 5 years of age and older should take Vim & Vigor plus Cholodin or Cholodin Flex (also provided as tasty treats) to minimize the chances of getting cognitive disorder (Alzheimer’s.) Your veterinarian can supply Cholodin or Cholodin Flex, or you can call our office at 972-867-8800 and order them.

• Say NO to drugs. Whenever possible, strive to use natural therapies in place of medications to treat your pet. Even when medications are needed, combining them with natural therapies minimizes side effects and often allows a lower dosage of medication to be used.

• Cut your health care costs. Do as many services as possible when your pet is under anesthesia for another procedure (for example, have your pet’s wart removed when his teeth are cleaned.) Practice preventive care: a $50 blood profile is cheap compared to waiting for your pet to become ill and spending $500 for a day of therapy! Detect and treat diseases early BEFORE your pet becomes ill. Do a monthly urine screening on your pet using a kit by The Pet Checkup.

• Have your veterinarian aspirate lumps and bumps and remove those that are cancerous before they grow and spread. Get pet health insurance. The good plans reimburse you for up to 80% of your costs.

• Learn more about natural health care. Listen to my radio show each week on Sirius satellite (channel 112, Tuesday nights from 7-9 PM CST.) Read any of the books recommended at Pet Care Naturally. Don’t get overwhelmed; start with one book and then pick another one that interests you. For your pet’s health, I recommend my award-winning The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats. For your own health, I recommend The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. Happy Healthy New Year!! Dr. Shawn

About Pet-Togethers
Pet-Togethers is a companion care company devoted to improving the lives of pets and those who care for them. Their veterinarian-recommended PetCentrx Vim & Vigor wellness formula is a highly nutritious supplement that’s giving new life to dogs and cats around the globe. Visit www.petcentrx.comtoday for more information.

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