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TerrAnimal is a small group of people promoting and executing animal protection projects in Ecuador. The main focus of their work is the ethical treatment for all species while acknowledging and understanding the social realities of Ecuador.  Founder, Fernando Arroyo, works directly with humane activist groups, public institutions and other organizations promoting the well-being and protection of animals; as well as, private institutions that develop corporate social responsibility programs.

As part of their work on promoting responsible pet ownership of companion animals, TerrAnimal and Fundacion Camio a Casa teamed up to put on their first ever spay and neuter campaign to combat extreme dog and cat overpopulation in Ecuadorian cities. SPCA International was proud to partner up with these two organizations and be the sole financial sponsor of this spay and neuter campaign. The organizations decided to focus their outreach for this campaign on low-income families in the vulnerable areas of “Valle of Los Chillos” in Quito, Ecuador.

Following the recommended protocols for the humane management of urban wildlife, they summoned the support of the community through radio interviews and the parish priest in order to reach out to more people within the neighborhood. They focused on promoting the benefits of spay and neuter then proceeded with the surgical interventions over the course of a weekend. In a recent report that we received, TerrAnimal was able to spay and neuter close to 100 stray dogs and cats thanks to our supporters and the SPCA International Shelter Program.

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