In 2011, we teamed up with Spay Panama in our biggest spay and neuter campaign to date, spaying and neutering 1137 pets and stray animals in just 4 days time. Thanks to countless hours donated by over 50 volunteers and veterinarians and SPCA International’s financial support, the massive effort to spay and neuter more than 1000 pets succeeded and has continued to improve each year.

In 2013, even though the team confronted torrential rains and stifling heat waves, 1,317 animals will no longer be adding to the pet overpopulation crisis thanks to your support and the vet and volunteers who came from England, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the United States. They all donated a few extra days beforehand to get acquainted with Spay Panama’s protocols and the Quick Spay technique.

Locals and residents in the surrounding areas were so grateful for the spay event, that despite having to come from afar in public transportation, under heavy rain and sweltering heat; they were first to arrive each morning – even before the spay team!

Spay Panama has developed a mobile sterilization team that is able to move its operation to four different parts of Panama City in order to reach multiple pet owners who have no means of travel. Before each event, volunteers take to the streets by knocking on peoples’ door and speaking out to all those who would listen about the upcoming event and the importance of spaying and neutering.

The SPCA International and SPAY Panama partnership campaign that began in 2011 set the precedency for the years to follow. It was aimed at decreasing the number of unnecessary deaths and cruelty of homeless animals in Panama. The plight of female dogs in Panama is an especially challenging one that involves strong survival skills of bearing litter after litter. Most often starving and always malnourished, these female animals lose most of their puppies and kittens due to the dangers of the streets. Un-neutered male dogs don’t have it any better, they run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars, often dying a slow and painful death. The un-altered cats of Panama frequently become victims to violence and cruelty due to their loud “cat calls” that are judged to be bothersome by the public, during their mating rituals which can last for days.

All of these issues stem from an animal population that has grown out of control due to lack of sterilization and responsible pet ownership. The cycle will continue to endure so long as overpopulation of animals keeps growing, causing citizens to harbor ill will against the helpless dogs and cats who are only struggling to stay alive. Therefore, the only solution to reduce the numbers of abuse and homeless animals is to spay and neuter.

The mission of Spay Panama is making pet sterilization services  available to everyone, especially  low-income families, rescuers and stray animal feeders in order to control the number of animals that roam the streets suffering.  
It costs Spay Panama $25 to spay/neuter, deworm, clean ears, spray against fleas and ticks, inject with vitamins and vaccinate against rabies.   No animal is turned away even if the no contribution can be made. Having the support from SPCAI every year, lessens the financial burden and allows for more animals to get sterilized.

Aside from holding large spay/neuter days on World Animal Day on annual basis, Spay Panama also trains vets and veterinary students on the “Quick Spay” technique throughout the year, a method that is used in order to generate the most efficient, safe and sterile surgical practice in large clinics. Since their founding, Spay Panama has sterilized over 40,000 animals and has helped almost 2,000 homeless pets find good homes.

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