PAWS: Pet Animal Welfare Society - Thailand


During one of our trips to Thailand in 2012, we worked closely with a local organization by the name of PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society). Several days after our project work was completed, one of our team members with a background in veterinary medicine was asked to stay on longer to participate in a massive spay/neuter day for over 80 cats in a remote district outside of Bangkok.

The clinic was held at a local Thai woman’s home that realizing the overpopulation epidemic began rescuing cats some years ago. Some years later, she found herself in with nearly 80 felines occupying her home and outdoor space and they were multiplying fast. 


The mission proved challenging, as the difficult task of catching each cat and tagging them for identification purposes beforehand took much longer than expected. The PAWS team worked into the night to get ready for the surgical intervention the following day.

After successfully transforming the living space into a sterile surgery clinic, and the kitchen into a recovery room, the process was remarkable and all of the animals did well post op. Several stations were set up resembling an assembly line of pre-operative sedating, clipping and prepping before the cats were handed off to the group of veterinarians to be sterilized. Afterwards, they were carefully handed off to be vaccinated, tattooed and cared for in the recovery area before they returned back the their colony.

The team worked many long hours and thanks to PAWS and the amazing veterinarians and volunteers, over 80 cats were humanely neutered and spayed.


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