CRISIS UPDATE 10/09/2012:

Thanks to the unwavering support of SPCA International donors, hundreds of animals received life-changing spay or neuter surgery in Panama this weekend. SPCA International and Spay Panama teamed up with volunteers and veterinarians to provide as many surgeries as possible in just four days. Through an incredible joint effort we exceeded our goal by more than 30%. You are invited you to watch this video to see the team in action and celebrate this monumental achievement.


Life is like hell for dogs and cats in Panama. The uncontrolled exploding animal population sentences dogs and cats to cruel, short lives. Females are forced to survive bearing litter after litter with little nourishment to keep themselves alive, let alone their babies. They give birth to their litters in unsafe areas forcing these precious new lives to often be cut short in cruel, painful ways like starvation or being run over by passing cars and trucks.



Male dogs often run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars. If they get killed by the car, that would be considered a lucky break because navigating the tough streets of Panama with a broken leg or internal injuries leads to a cruel life or painful, slow death. Veterinary care is totally unavailable to these unclaimed strays, except for a few local animal non-profits trying to make a difference but overwhelmed by need.

In this environment where the dog and cat population is uncontrolled, cruelty toward animals is commonplace. Cats become regular victims of violence due to their loud and bothersome “cat calls” during heat that can last for days at a time.

All of these issues stem from a lack of spay and neuter. The cycle is only perpetuated because the overpopulation of animals causes citizens to harbor ill-will against the helpless dogs and cats, leading to more animal abuse, more senseless death, and little interest in the one true and lasting solution – spay and neuter.


To STOP this senseless, perpetual cycle of animal suffering! SPCA International has teamed up with local organization, Spay Panama, to make a real and lasting impact by running a multi-day spay and neuter event in Santiago de Veraguas this October. A team of veterinarians and assistants will aim to sterilize, deworm and vaccinate more than a thousand animals.


You can help by donating to SPCA International’s Shelter Programs right now. The more donations we collect, the more animals we can save in Panama and all around the world! Please, donate today!

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