URGENT: Four Puppies Are At Risk

Four innocent puppies were stuffed in a bag and abandoned on the side of a bridge. They were terrified, hungry, and weak. These tiny puppies would have starved to death without the compassionate U.S. service members who found them. ⁠ ⁠

The service members took the fragile puppies under their care. However, their journey to safety is far from over, and the service members urgently need your help to bring the puppies to safety in the United States.⁠

As their deployments end, the future of their beloved companions is at risk. If we can’t help get these pups to the U.S., the soldiers will be forced to leave them behind to fend for themselves. ⁠

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These 4 precious Patriot Pets still need sponsors to get home.

Be their lifeline. Your support ensures these brave dogs and their saviors can remain together, offering a chance at a life filled with love and safety. Let’s ensure their journey together continues – they’re counting on us!