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Victoria’s Story

When we met Victoria – a homeless dog in Brazil  — she had burns over 30% of her body. In an act of unthinkable evil, a man starved and burned her. He might have poured kerosene on her before lighting her on fire. Thanks to a good samaritan who fed her and brought her to a local veterinarian, she miraculously survived the initial attack, but we knew it would take even more miracles to keep her alive and healing.

The problem was, in her neighborhood in Brazil, poverty is severe and even the most dedicated shelters struggle with chronic lack of supplies and support. By law Brazil’s veterinarians cannot provide Victoria services for free or they might lose their veterinary license – their life’s work and reason for being.

But Victoria was lucky. The particular veterinarian she was brought to is extraordinary and tries to think outside the box – so he reached out to SPCA International and asked for our help.

That’s where the next miracle — SPCA International supporters like you — came in and made all the difference. Victoria needed weeks of specialized care that her local shelter couldn’t afford — new  bandages every day, antibiotics to ensure the infection doesn’t fester, fluids and pain killers through an IV and even a skin graft. But when we asked for our community’s help you stepped up and allowed us to fund Victoria’s continuing care.

Today we’re thrilled to share that her recovery has been an amazing success! By looking at the pictures below, you can see what’s possible when animal lovers are inspired to take action.

When SPCAI staff met her, she couldn’t stand, she was emaciated and she was shaking.  Look at her now – strong enough to stand, fur growing in over her healing wounds and a full belly! We see a look of happiness on her face that wasn’t present the day we met her.

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