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Daisy’s Story

When SPCA International’s partner organization in the Middle East found Daisy, she was in terrible shape. She was lying in a ditch with a bloody stump where one of her feet should have been. It looked like someone had hacked off her paw with a sharp knife.

Daisy had mange and was so filthy that three veterinarians refused to even treat her. And as is all too often the case, many local shelters lacked the supplies and support to take on such an extreme injury. Finally, SPCA International found a kind and talented veterinarian who saw Daisy’s will to survive.

It was touch and go for a while. We didn’t know if Daisy would make it, but that’s where the SPCA International community stepped up in a big way. Within weeks of our appeal to the community, you helped us fund 100% of the veterinary care that Daisy would require. You funded months of care, to make sure Daisy made it.

Today, we’re so happy to report that Daisy has made an amazing recovery! Her injury has healed. Daisy is getting around well on three legs and even takes a few walks every day. The pictures below proves the miracles that animal lovers like you can create when you reach out to an animal in need. Thank you for making it possible!

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