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Apollo’s Aid Refugee Application

SPCA International’s Apollo’s Aid refugee program is a financial aid program for refugees that have been displaced from their homes and are seeking assistance for their beloved pets. It is designed to reunite refugees with their pets when an unexpected issue arises.

Please submit your application at your earliest convenience. We are making every effort to address all applications as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before applying, please carefully review the following:

1. Applicant must be a refugee or asylum seeker who has arrived or will be arriving in North America

2. Applicant must provide relevant government-issued refugee travel documents such as I-94, I-131 or visa

3. Applicant must provide a government-issued identification

4. Applicant provide clear photos of you and your pet(s)

5. Applicant must have a clear housing plan for you and your pet before applying

6. Applicant must describe in detail why assistance is needed

7. Animals must be up-to-date on vaccines for entry into the United States and, when applicable, rabies titer for dogs. SPCAI will work with the applicants to ensure their animals meet all requirements to enter the US

8. Before submitting an application, you must notify the current caretaker(s) and give permission to SPCA International to have direct contact with them.

Submitting an application does not automatically approve the applicant for a grant.

Any application inquiries or general questions related to Apollo’s Aid can be directed to [email protected]

Apollo's Aid Refugee Application (ID #16386)
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Applicant Information

If United States, please use full State name, no abbreviations.