Here’s Your Adorable Puppy Video

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Need to know more about this adorable little guy?

In 2008, this puppy was discovered in the motor pool at forward operating base Kalsu, Iraq, by a military team. Just four weeks old the puppy was on the verge of being euthanized when the base’s Combat Stress Control Unit stepped in and saved his life. He became a beloved member of this Air Force team and they named him Patton because he preferred to give orders rather than take them. Escorting the team to work every day, Patton quickly became a fixture in the clinic. All those who sought the help of the unit’s counselors received an added bonus – Patton. Being a typical puppy, his comical antics could cheer up anyone and make the horrors of war disappear, at least for awhile. 

SPCA International rescued Patton for his Air Force mom on June 5, 2008. Today, they are living happily together in Ohio.